Thomas W. DePew

Senior Principal

Summary of qualifications
Thomas DePew has over 25 years of experience in the area of client sales, solution development, requirements analysis, business process analysis, software development and project management.  He specializes in innovative approaches to solve business issues involving customer relationship management, aftermarket, business process improvement, and solution implementation.  Within the CRM Growth and Transformation group, he has applied his skills to help move our sales focus from a tactical, procurement-driven process to a business-aligned focus on specific customer areas of pain.  He has strong interpersonal, customer management, leadership and organizational skills with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.
Contributing ideas that work
Mr. DePew specializes in synergizing the capabilities across the organization to achieve specific business results.  For example, Mr. DePew worked across EDS and HP to develop and sell business process-aligned service offerings built on corporate capabilities.  In this role, he has pulled together a cross-company team from legacy HP and legacy EDS to bring together the best of both companies.  In all his engagements, Mr. DePew understands the existing capabilities, determines the business need, and then harmonizes capabilities to needs to solve business issues.

He has also been involved in solving operational issues for large field service organizations.  In that case, the company was using a very manual process that ultimately relied on human intuition and decision making.  Mr. DePew helped re-engineer the process to rely more on operations research methods to improve routing efficiency.  He has also worked with a major retailer and others to improve operational efficiency of the transportation logistics process for their large private fleet.

Mr. DePew is also active in contributing to the understanding of the industry.  He recently presented “Integrated Sales & Service Performance Improvements” to the Interlog Summer 2009 conference.

Experience that brings measurable value
Worked with clients across a number of industries to assess needs and design solutions.  Provided subject-matter expertise in the areas of CRM, supply chain, logistics, and post-sales support activities


Direct-to-Consumer Software Publisher – Marketing and Fulfillment

  • Assembled key capabilities from legacy HP and legacy EDS to create end-to-end service offering
  • Based on key metrics provided by client, identified 30% cost savings over existing baseline
  • Created repeatable service model that is available for other engagement

Wireless Services company – Customer service

  • Assessed current state of complete value chain of post-sales support service chain
  • Used industry data to create detailed  benefits case for change
  • Presented results to senior leadership for edge device management change

High-tech consumer-oriented manufacturer – Customer Service

  • Evaluated current service strategy for customer service
  • Created business case for change
  • Assembled team to convey detailed
  • Participated in joint value discovery meeting to work with client on specific improvement initiatives

Waste management company – Field service

  • Led team to build robust field service management
  • Implemented tool that did route and service agent optimization
  • Implemented tool that interfaced directly with field service agents
  • Benchmarked  operational results and refined operational parameters to improve it
  • Realized 6% cost benefit through more efficient routing

Passenger Rail Company – fare management

  • Worked with passenger rail company to understand needs regarding fare management
  • Designed and implemented rules-based approach Simplified the management of over 300,000 city pairs with associated rules to enforce company policies
MBA, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, May 2002. B.S. in Computer Science, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, December 1986.
  • “Supercharging your aftermarket,” August, 2008.
  • “Logistics: Commodity or Differentiated function?” December 2005.
  • “Planning for Tomorrow to Execute Better Today,” December 2003.
  • “Leveraging the Airline: Using Pricing and Yield Management in Field Service Operations,” September 2003.
  • “Trailer Tracking: Using Increased Visibility to Increase Efficiency,” April 2002.
  • “Capacity and Demand Balancing,” June 2001.

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